Annual Festivals and Events in Bangkok Thailand

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  2. January 14, 2013 7:25 pm

Annual Festivals and Events in Bangkok Thailand

There are many enjoyable annual festivals and events in Bangkok Thailand that you can attend and at the same time learn much about the culture of the country.

The Elephant Banquet on February 14 finds Lampang residents putting on a huge feast for elephants including bananas, flowers and sugar cane. However, the huge beasts have to earn their banquet by such things as playing music and selling paintings that they have done.

The Surin Elephant Round-up on the third weekend of November also gives the beasts the same type of banquet. This time the entertainment includes elephants playing football and having tugs of war.

The Songkran Festival, with Songkran being an occasion for families to get together and also to bathe Buddhas to wash off misfortunes from the past year, is held in mid-April. It becomes a fun time for young Thais carrying anything that can spray water onto other participants. The crowd actually loves to be sprayed down by firetrucks with powerful water hoses because of the scorching heat at this time of the year.

Kite Flying is an old Thai sport for individuals or competitions. There is a Kite, Sports and Music Festival in Sanam Luang from the first of March to the second of April.

The Loi Krathong Festival is held in November. Residents send off candle-lit floral floats onto waterways to bring good fortune for the new year. Loaves of bread and banana tree bark are made into ornaments decorated with flowers and banana leaves and are sent out into the water to let go anger and negativity.

Yi Peng is celebrated at the same time as Loi Krathong and releases magnificent lanterns into the sky. Prayers and good luck wishes are in the lanterns.

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