The Many Things To Do in Bangkok Thailand

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  2. February 18, 2013 7:27 pm

The Many Things To Do in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok, City of Round-the-Clock Attractions

In Bangkok, ancient thrives alongside ultra-modern, mass transit is by narrow canals or high-speed trains and a few steps from an historic temple there’s likely to be an electronics store selling the latest gadgets. Add drop-dread delicious food and world-class shopping and Bangkok emerges as the third most visited city in the world, soon to overtake Paris for the #2 slot.

A boat tour on the Chao Phraya River provides a beguiling overview of this complex city, while its outstanding small museums deliver glimpses of the many threads that make up Thai culture. The Royal Barge Museum and the Grand Palace with its beautiful grounds and Emerald Buddha abound in historic splendor. In bustling Chinatown, the Bangkokian Museum depicts daily life in the 1950s, while the Jim Thompson House seamlessly blends the beauty of East and West.

Dining, shopping and a vibrant nightlife are part of the Bangkok experience and not to be missed. This is one of the world’s premiere food cities and every meal is pure excitement, whether it’s al fresco fine dining on a rooftop or a sizzling stir fry served from a cart. The famous floating markets are quintessentially Thai, as is the vast Charuchak weekend market and the night markets that open after the sun goes down. There are dozens of shopping streets and mega malls. Each venue has its own flavor, including the alluring Terminal 21, where each floor is themed to a major world city.

As the nightlife capital of Asia, Bangkok has a district for everything from classical Thai dance and Chinese Opera to 24-hour casinos to neon-lit streets booming with music. Despite a reputation for “wild and crazy,” Bangkok enjoys a low crime rate, and though bars and clubs are loud and crowded, they are also generally safe.

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